A criminal case has been opened in the Tashkent region in relation with an attempt on the inspectors' lives
05. 2024

Earlier, we reported that inspectors of the Syrdarya water basin branch, who conducted a raid on the right bank of the Syrdarya River in the Tashkent region, were attacked.

Poachers fishing using prohibited means tried to drown inspectors D. Zokhidov and T. Buriev, and then fled the scene. The necessary documents on this situation were sent to the Department of Internal Affairs of the Tashkent region and the regional prosecutor's office.

According to the information of the Medical Association of the Akkurgan district of the Tashkent region, soft tissue injuries were found on the body of Inspector T. Buriev, namely, "injuries to the posterior surface of the thigh and left shin, hematomas, and incised wounds on the back of the palm of the right hand were revealed."

According to the Akkurgan district prosecutor's office, a criminal case has been opened under Part 2 of Article 219 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Citizens I.L. and Y.L. have been detained as suspects. A preliminary investigation is currently underway.

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