Uzbek media representatives study China's experience in the field of energy
02. 2024

A press tour was organized for the representatives of the leading media as well as the press secretaries of the Ministry of Energy and of the affiliated organizations in China. Representatives of the Agency for Information and Mass Communications and the Ministry of Ecology are also taking part in the event.

The participants of the press tour, organized on behalf of the President, get acquainted with the activities of enterprises in the Chinese energy system in Beijing, Xi'an, and Chengdu.

The first facility was the Beijing corporation "China Energy International Co. LTD", founded in 2011. The company has a presence in 140 countries and has over 100,000 employees working in its various divisions across the globe. The total asset is 154 billion US dollars.

According to experts, the company has so far sent more than 300 projects with a total capacity of 1060 kW.                                                                                               

The company's experience in power plant design, construction, and maintenance was shared with Uzbek journalists and press secretaries. At the same time, they were provided with detailed information on the possibilities of building and storing such "green" energy sources as solar, wind, and nuclear power plants, including thermal power plants and hydroelectric power plants.

It is noted that "China Energy International Co. LTD"  is one of the main sources of renewable energy in several regions of Uzbekistan, with a total of $ 2 billion. It implements projects worth $450 million.                                                           

In particular, the company, taking part in the construction of a modern power plant in the Syrdarya region as a general contractor, launched an energy-grade cement plant in the Kattakorgan district through direct investments. In addition, two 500-MW solar power plants are being built in the Bukhara and Kashkadarya regions.

The first capacities of these stations were connected to the common network on December 27, 2023, and by now, Uzbekistan is supplying environmentally friendly "green" energy to the energy industry.

At the same time, a project for the construction of a hybrid power plant with a capacity of 600-MW (solar, wind, and electric power systems) is being implemented in the Navoi region. In addition, the list includes projects for the construction of eight electricity storage systems in the Tashkent, Fergana, Andijan, and Namangan regions.

The press tour is dedicated to familiarizing people with the energy system of the People's Republic of China, advanced technologies, and the digitalization process.

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