Activities of greenhouses in Zangiata, Tashkent, Kibray, and Yangiyul districts are being studied
01. 2024

The Ministry of Ecology is studying the activities of greenhouses in Zangiata, Tashkent, Kibray, and Yangiyul districts of the Tashkent region.

The aim is to conduct environmental monitoring in connection with various appeals distributed in social networks about the increase in air pollution in Tashkent city and the significant deterioration of air quality in the above districts.

It should be noted that coal greenhouses remain one of the main causes of air pollution. Over the past five years, the growth rate of coal consumption in the economy has exceeded 22 percent. If in 2018 6.8 million tons of coal were used, then in 2022 this number increased to 8.3 million tons.

As part of the monitoring, the types of fuel used in the greenhouses and the condition of the equipment will be thoroughly investigated. It will also check compliance with the standards set out in the conclusions of the State Environmental Expertise issued for greenhouses.

At the same time, it is checked to see whether greenhouses have installed equipment to purify the harmful gases emitted by the main sources of atmospheric air pollution.

In addition, each greenhouse will receive a warning letter about the need to follow with all legal requirements and the appropriate measures that will be applied in case of non-compliance.

The monitoring will continue until January 31.

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